Phuket, Thailand

I figured I’d start things off with a bang. In March of 2015, I spent three days in Phuket and BOY was it an adventure.

Phuket an island and is one of the southern provinces of Thailand.

I’d say without a doubt, probably had some of the best photography opportunity’s I’ve ever seen. The land and beaches is just amazing.

There was so much to do -the group I was with- all of us barely slept. I know some people who would get back close to two am and we’re gone again before seven am. I wasn’t quite that extreme, but pretty close. Even with how much we did, I still didn’t get to see everything I wanted to.

A few of the things I did.

Saw the Big BuddhaCIMG2138.JPG


This is one of one the Island’s biggest landmarks. It’s very hard to miss, as it can be seen from kilometers away. It’s a bit of a drive to get up there, but offers some of the BEST views of the Island.




Besides this, Phuket also has some great wildlife.

Elephants Rides are very popular.CIMG2112.JPG



The Tiger kingdom is a very popular spot. A lot of people either wanted to see the biggest cats or the tiny babies. Since the lines for both were very long, we got to see the 18 month old cats. I did manage one picture of a baby.


Finally, we saw some great beaches and over all great photo opportunitiesCIMG2160.JPG




McDonald’s is everywhere! Here R. McDonald is seen doing the Wai, a Thai greeting/way of apologizing/saying thank you.

Finally, the last thing about Thailand. I was surprised to see several 7/11’s. They’re EVERYWHERE!CIMG2214.JPG

That’s all for Thailand, see you guys next time =)


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