Maui, Hawaii


First I have to say, I’m not uploading these in the order of where I went. I’m just posting in order of how I feel.

I was in Maui of January of 2015 for about six days. And it was incredible.

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and has the third biggest population. Maui is known as the Valley isle.

If you’re thinking of coming here, be warned. This is an a very expensive place to come visit. I’ve been to some of the other islands and Maui is so much more expensive then the rest.

But it was worth it. Everything is so beautiful thereCIMG1594.JPGCIMG1611.JPG



One of the most famous things to do on Maui is the road to Hana. It’s a drive around the bottom of the island. I went on a tour and it took about 6+ hours to complete. Honestly, I was really glad because I could focus on taking pictures and enjoying the view.



The other thing I enjoyed doing, was since it was winter, was whale watching! In the winter, whales come down from Alaska to Hawaii warm waters. It’s so common to see one.

Three times in Hawaii (On different islands) I’ve seen whales from the shore. Usually it’s just their tails, as they’re start slapping. But still, there is nothing like going out on one of the whale watching boats.

The whales were everywhere! Here’s a mom and a baby. You can tell from the size of the tail.


There’s at least two whales in this pic, maybe three.


And that’s Maui!

If you have the chance, I’d really recommend going to another island if you’re strapped for cash. Of course if you have plenty, I say some see Maui.



2 thoughts on “Maui, Hawaii

  1. I’m going to Hawaii later this year and we’ve been struggling to decide between visiting Maui or Kauai. Maui looks incredibly beautiful and your photos are just stunning! I would love to see the black sand beaches and drive the road to Hana. I’ve heard whale watching is also really popular on Maui so it’s awesome you got to see them! Your post is just making me more and more excited to go to Hawaii 🙂

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    1. Hi, thank you! I’ve been to Kauai as well (post will be here soon) and have to say both are great spots. Maui is more expensive and I personally likes Kauai better. And yes, Whale watching was really good there. However, the whales are usually only there in the winter months. It’s when they come down to breed. Thanks for your comment.

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