Seattle, Washington

I’m splitting up my international travel with some U.S Travel.

Alright, land of the rain.

Seattle is the largest city in Washington and in the Pacific Northwest. Most people know it as home of the Seahawks.

I was there in October for about three days, my personal two favorite things to do were the Space needle and Pike’s market.16.jpg

The Space Needle is this incredible restaurant. You can either choose to eat there, or just go up to the viewing platform. It’s a on the expensive side, but has AMAZING food and incredible views. The entire things spins around slowly, so you get a full view of the city as you eat.

Make sure you call ahead for reservations. It’s a very popular place.


The other great attraction is Pike’s market, home of the flying fish and the original Starbucks coffee.

We went to Pike’s on a Sunday and it was just incredible. They have free samples all over the place, you can’t walk more then ten steps without trying something.

For the flying fish, if you ask, they’ll throw one to you. If you’re not going to buy, just stick around enough. The seafood will fly sooner or later!


Short, but a great visit. I really want to go back.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend going to see the Pacific Northwest. It rains a lot, but SO worth it.



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