Portland, Oregon.

We are heading down the West Coast!


Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat since I have family who lives in Oregon and I visit a lot, but still. Oregon is an amazing and weird place. If you get the chance, come visit.

Portland is The city of Roses and is right on the border between Oregon and Washington. It’s the largest city in Oregon, although it’s not the capital.


I’ve always thought of Portland and Seattle as sisters. Seattle is hip, older, sophisticated one. She’s got her own unique style, but it’s very refined.

Portland is the rebellious, younger, hipster one. Seriously, Portland is known for it’s weirdness, it’s love of the unique stuff no one else likes.  The show Portlandia? That show is like 85% true.



The pacific northwest is known for it’s rain and Portland is no different. Because of this, it’s very green here.



If you’re going to visit, I have a few recommendations. The first is OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). I sadly do not have a picture, but it’s an incredible Museum.  It’s very interactive, very fun with a lot of learn about. High recommended.

The next is Voodoo donuts. You might of heard of this wonderful little donut place. Yes, it has been featured on T.V shows around the US and yes, it is everything they say and more.



At V.D, they will put anything on your donuts. You want bacon? Done. You want regular old donuts? There you go. You want cock and balls donuts? Here ya go. True story, they used to put NyQuil on them until the FDA said they couldn’t put medicine on donuts.

The last is the Oregon Zoo. It’s huge, has lots of animals and there’s almost always a new baby animal around.  If you happen to be in Portland between Thanksgiving to New Years, go see Zoo lights. It’s beautiful and a Portland tradition each year.


Zoo lights!CIMG1132.JPG



Next up, we’ll continue down the West Coast a bit before we get back to the international travel =)


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