Seaside and Tillamook, Oregon

I meant to post this several days ago, but work has been insane.

Anyway, today we are heading down the Oregon coast. Our first stop is Seaside!

Seaside is a little coastal gem about two hours away from Portland. The population is between six and seven thousand people. It’s a tiny town with a lot to do right on the coast. This is also the end of the Lewis and Clark Trail.


Here’s the Carousel mall. Inside is a (what else) Carousel.


This is a view from the boardwalk facing out into the town. Out here, the air smells like cotton candy.



This is the Oregon coast. It doesn’t get too hot or too cold here. The average temperature is 68 F (20 C). Most people do not go into the water, even in the summer. It’s usually too chilly for the average person.

About an hour and a half (about) down the coast, we come to Tillamook.

Tillamook is a little town on the Oregon coast. It’s named for the Tillamook Native Americans. It’s most famous for it’s cheese and Ice cream. Seriously, if you have not had Tillamook Ice cream, you’re missing out. The stuff is incredible.


The Blue Heron has a petting Zoo with lots of animals. Inside is a gift shop. My parents have a picture of me as a very little girl here playing with baby turkeys.


The Tillamook Cheese Factory is another famous stop just down the road. Here, you can tour the factor and see how they make cheese, ice cream and other dairy products.

Both are tiny little gems along the Oregon coast. Most people who aren’t from Oregon has no idea they exist and are missing out! If you get the chance, come check those places out.

My personal favorite was Seaside. The¬†Promenade for the town in only a mile and a half, there’s just so much to see and do. I loved it.



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