Dubai, UAE

Time to get back to some international travel!

Dubai is the 22nd richest city in the world and the richest city in the Middle East. Here in Dubai, they do everything big. We decided the motto must be go big or go home.

If you should happen to visit, know this Dubai is in the middle of a desert. It’s HOT here. I came here for work in the middle of July and it was hard to enjoy because it was 115 degrees F (46 C). Even more fun, it was during the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is the 8th month of the Muslim calendar and the month of fasting. While non Muslims do not have to fast, eating and drinking in public during the day is not allowed to show respect. So if you come, I’d recommend not during the summer months.

Even so, there was SO MUCH to see here. I’m going to have three separate posts about Dubai since there’s just so much. This one is going to be about the city.

While it is built on a desert, the architecture is really beautiful here.

This is the Grand Mosque. (If you plan on going inside one, you must be covered from head to toe.)

grand mosque.jpg

The BURJ AL ARAB JUMEIRAH, a very famous Hotel.


The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. There will be a separate post all about this

larger view.jpg

Here we have a mini Arabian Venice. Really pretty.

and more.jpgmini arabian venice.jpg

so nice.jpg

Several more buildings.

mosque. jpg.jpg

Dubai has a massive skyline.

more debai buildings.jpg

This is the Atlantis hotel. After Geneva switzerland, Dubai has the most expensive hotels in the world. This is one of those extremely expensive ones.

atlantis hotel.jpgarch.jpgbuilding.jpg

So that’s Dubai. I was torn between making one extremely big post or cutting it up into 3 posts. I finally decided three. Next up will be pictures from inside The Mall of Dubai, the world’s largest mall.

Note, my camera broke when we got here (and remained broken for a while >c). So I did not take any of these pictures. They were taken by a friend of mine who was in the group with me. She gave me permission to use her pictures. Due to this, I’ll actually be in some of the pictures in the next post.

Shout out of thanks to B.K for allowing me to use these. You’re the best!


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