Inside the Mall of Dubai.

Part two of this trip in Dubai!

As a reminder, I did not take these pictures due to the fact my camera was broken. My friend in our little group took them. Since she was the photographer, you can see me in two pics. I’m wearing a grey and black striped shirt. : p

Thanks again to K.B for allowing me to use them.

I’ve always liked going to malls in other countries. We mainly went because it was 115 F (46 C) outside and we were dying from heat. But I like them because there’s a lot to do, multiple choices for food and is usually a safe place.

The mall of Dubai is the largest mall in the world. It has over 1200 shops. The mall holds records for also having the world’s largest suspended aquarium,  the world’s largest sweet shop Candylicious. It also has an indoor theme park Sega Republic. The gal who took these pictures K.B got into an argument with an elevator there and scraped her knee.

But seriously, we spent over eight hours here and still didn’t see the whole mall.  We probably got lost at least five times.

This is right when you step inside and see the fountain.



Here’s inside the mall. They took great care to make it beautiful inside and out.

inside it all.jpg

I’m in this picture!


Chocolate world! chocolate.jpg

My personal favorite store was this nerd store (as well call it.) It sold Harry Potter/Lord of The Rings/ Game of Thrones mostly with bits of other stuff mixed we. K.B and I both bought wands and now duel. Unrelated, yes we are both professional adults whydoyouask.

In this one!

nerd storejpg.jpg

The mall of Dubai has an indoor theme park, Sega Republic. It comes with a roller coaster. Be careful on the elevators.

sega world.jpgsega.jpg

However, one of the crown jewels of the mall is the suspended aquarium and underwater zoo.


oh my.jpg

If you get the chance, go on a boat tour on top. The aquarium is three stories and they take people out on glass boats so you can get a close up view. It was beyond incredible.


Here’s a picture of our feet we look down into the water.



Down a few stories is a tunnel you can walk through. After we did the boat tour, we did just this. It was another great way to see the animals.

inside it.jpg


They also have an underwater zoo. As expected, lot of fish and small marine animals.

fissssh.jpgmore fish.jpg

But the best thing is the King Croc. He doesn’t look very big in this picture, but this animal is HUGE. Over 5 meters long and still growing. They expect him to get much larger in the next 50 years.

very very large.jpg

So that’s the highlights of the Mall of Dubai! I’m sure there’s still many other great things to find and explore. Thanks for checking me out and see you next time for the world’s largest building.




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