Good old agony airlines!

This post is a bit different from normal, but I felt like it needed to be said.

When traveling around the world, unless you’re going on a cruise, you’re probably going to be flying. And as you fly, you’ll find you like certain airlines more then others.

I fly a lot, both for work and for travel , but I have NEVER had so many problems, then when dealing with American Airlines. It’s gotten so bad, a friend of mine and I started calling them agony airlines.

In all the times I’ve flown, I’ve had to sleep in an airport (unexpectedly) twice. Both times were when flying on American and both times were the airlines fault. To be fair, the second time we were delayed because of the weather. Then when everything cleared up and we got back on the airplane, the fight crew just didn’t show up!

“Sorry guys, I just don’t feel like working today.”

I mean really.

And then they also have a lot of… plane malfunctions.

My friend was flying from Texas to Honolulu. His first plane to Dallas had problems, which delayed him six hours. He got to Hawaii, but it was at 11 pm instead of 4 pm like he should of. Also He was flying first class the whole way, but because of the delay, when they rescheduled him, they had to put him in economy.

Then to make it even better, after he got to Honolulu, they lost his luggage!

To say again, I’ve had almost no uneventful flights with American.

I will say, once your in the air (If you get into the air) they do treat you very well. I once flew first class American and even though we had a delay (which almost caused me to miss the next flight. I got there 30 seconds before they shut the door), the service was good.

Even so, I don’t recommend American.

On the other end of the scale, I do recommend Hawaiian Airlines very much. I’ve flown them several times, going between Hawaii and the mainland. Even back in economy, they take care of their people. They have a complementary meals (which I’ve never seen another airline do) and have screens on the back of the chairs, in economy. Yeah, you gotta pay like five bucks, but who cares. I flew First class on Delta and first class didn’t have screens on the back of the chairs.

So yeah, Hawaiian is great. If your like me and have a hard time in economy for long flights (I’m quite tall and get back pain) , they have economy plus. It’s like five inches (15 cm) extra of legroom, plus you can charge your phone. It was also only like 40-60 dollars more.

Highly worth it not to be in pain for hours.

However, if your strapped for cash and just want to pay the cheapest you can to get somewhere, I know from my best friend/travel partner (she comes when I’m not traveling for work) that Spirit Airlines and Alaskan Airlines are very cheap. They’re very cramped and have no perks, but hey. Each his own.

I personally like to enjoy my flying experience and fly first class whenever I can afford it. Especially for long flights. There’s no way I’m sitting in a cramped little seat for 8+ hours. (I’m one of those poor people who has a lot of trouble sleep on an airplane. If I do, it’s little cat naps, I can’t conk out for the whole ride. So I need to be comfortable)

So yeah. Overall, my flying experience has been okay. I’ve never had severe problems like extreme plane problems or lost luggage. But this is probably because I’m staying away from American Airlines from now on if I can help it.

In the next year, I plan on going on my first pleasure cruise with my best friend/travel partner (she really wants to cruise into the Caribbean, not fly.) I might do another post then about my experience on a cruise line.

Is there any airlines you like to fly, especially international? Or have any flying horror stories?

Have a great week =)


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