Oahu, Hawaii

I’m back! My apologies, work has been insane.

Onto more travel!

Today we’re going over visiting Oahu. I have a lot to say about this island, so lets get started!

Oahu is the third biggest of the Hawaiian island, but almost 2/3 of the entire population of Hawaii lives here. The capital Honolulu is here on this island.

Alright, so here’s the biggest question I’ve been asked about going to Oahu. Did you go to Waikiki beach?

The answer is yes, but I don’t recommend it.

Waikiki beach and strip is a world famous beach alongside downtown Honolulu. A lot of people have heard about it and are always curious to know about it. I mean why not, it’s been rated as one of the best beaches in the world?

Well, I will give it this. The shore break is gentle, so it’s ideal for surfing. Also, I’ve never seen an ugly beach in Hawaii. The area is pretty nice looking. The sand is white and the water is crystal blue.

Why don’t I recommend it?

Because it’s sits right on the Waikiki strip. There’s hundreds of people around. I’ve gone to different parts of the beach and it’s always crowded.  If you don’t mind having to search for a place to set your towel and running screaming kids everywhere, then go visit. But I personally like my beaches where there isn’t 300+ people next to you all the time. There’s plenty of other beautiful and less crowded beaches all other the island.


tiny beach stretch.jpgquaint.jpg



more of this.jpg

(I’m sorry these pictures are weird and small D:)


See? It’s an island, there are beaches everywhere. Go explore and find your own tiny piece of paradise where you don’t have to fight with anyone for a place to relax =)

While I’m talking about it, lets talk about something else.The traffic. When I said 2/3 of the entire population of Hawaii lives here, I’m not kidding. It isn’t so bad up near the North Shore, but around Honolulu and Pearl city, the traffic is terrible. It starts before two PM and doesn’t let up until close to 7 PM.

By all means, see this part of the Island. Just understand you might get landlocked into bumper-to-bumper traffic.

But enough of that, lets talk of some of the great parts of the Island!

One of the most popular things to do is visit Pearl Harbor and see the USS Arizona and USS Missouri memorials.


There are two parts of Pearl Harbor, the part where active duty US Navy works and the part where they have memorials and museums.  You have to have active duty military ID (Or be with someone who does) to go onto the base. You don’t need this to see the memorials.


Az and MI.jpg

On the left is the USS Missouri, where the peace treaty for WWII was signed. On the right, the white memorial is over the sunken USS Arizona. The beginning and end of World war two, right next to each other.

If you come here, please please please show respect. Over 3,000 people died here in Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, not to mention the thousands of active duty Navy and Coast guard who work here on a daily basis. Being drunk, rowdy or rude is just spitting in their face. You never know when a survivor or family members of survivors/deceased are visiting.

If you ever get the chance to come on Pearl Harbor day, I highly recommend it. I came on Dec 7th 2013 and it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Colors (the national anthem played for raising the flag) is usually played at 8 am, out of respect of that day, they hold a silent colors. Watching all the remaining survivors came back and standing at a silent attention as a massive American flag was hoisted, there was hardly a dry eye.

But Pearl Harbor isn’t the only thing to see. Just driving around the Island and seeing the North shore is incredible and beautiful.





nice and quiet.jpg

Another great thing to do is hiking. There’s hikes ALL over the island. They range from gentle and easy (Like Diamond head, featured in this posts’s image) to extremely hard (like 3 peaks.) Please know your limits and read reviews. Some of the harder hikes, it’s hours long, and involves climbing 10-15 feet (3.4-4.5 Meters) rock walls to continue. If you have any doubts, please go on an easier hike.

Some go into jungles, some go high up on a mountain. There’s several which lead to waterfalls.


My personal favorite is the Pill Box hike. It’s not hard, took us about 30 minutes to get to the top and the view is incredible.










Overall, Hawaii is an expensive place to visit, but so worth it, Bring your camera and be ready for some fun and relaxation =)

Also, I got 20 followers this last week. Thanks guys! You all rock.

Enjoy this random picture of this cute bird I saw there and see you all next time.



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