Travel Bucket List

If this was a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to bother with a travel bucket list. Why? because I’d have enough money to go anywhere I wanted, when I wanted to go.

New Zealand? I’ll be there in 18 hours. Europe? When’s the next plane leave?

Sadly, this is only a dream. I wish it was true, but it isn’t.

A lot of people dream about traveling. I mean, ask just anyone you meet, they’ll probably tell you they either want to travel, or they wanted to travel when they were younger. But then life got in the way and this happened and that happened.

I’ve always wondered how people decide where they want to go. Are they looking to relax? Chill on a beach? Explore an old city? Go somewhere others rarely go?

For me, it’s kinda a mix.

My Travel bucket list is,


New Zealand



Machu Pichu, Peru

Costa Rica


It’s actually kinda funny where a lot of these come from. I’ve always been fascinated with learning languages. In middle/high school, I studied Spanish, so Peru and Costa Rica made the list (My best friend is also dying to see the Cloud rain forests )

Same with Japan, a friend taught me a bit of the language and I feel in love. I like the way the language rolls on your tongue and how it ties into the culture.

The Caribbean is because I’m moving to Florida this summer. I’d honestly hate myself if I was THIS close to the Caribbean and never went.

Europe? There’s so much history and beauty in these old countries.

As for New Zealand, The LOTR’s movies made me fall in love with the countryside. And as long as I’m down there, I’m seeing Australia as well. Someone from my work just went to Australia, the pictures she showed me was incredible.

So that’s my bucket list and where I want to go. What’s on yours?



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