Best part about this blog.

I have two great passions in life, writing and traveling. In this blog, I get to do both. I travel to all kinds of cool places and then I get to write about where I went! WIN-WIN. What could be better?

But seriously, it’s only been two months and I am really enjoying this.

However, I think my favorite part is seeing the countries from where people are reading these. U.K, Mexico, Singapore, Poland, Japan, Ireland.  We might all live in different parts of the world and have completely different cultured, but travel is just…. universal.

The really great part is when people from the country I visited view the post. I’ll admit, I get really giddy when I see that. Like, Yes, I was there!

Isn’t that amazing?

Yeah, Yeah. I know. I get excited about silly things. But it’s the little stuff in life which really matters.

Anyway, I only have one more country left to post about before I return to U.S Travel. After that one, it will conclude my international travel until hopefully the Caribbean this next New Years.

But that’s okay. I have a long road trip across the USA to blog about and it’s going to be incredible.

Thanks to everyone to follows me, likes my photos and leaves comments. You guys are awesome!




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