Flying above Singapore.

If you read my posts about Dubai, then you know how they like to break world records.

However, there’s one record Singapore still holds and that’s having the biggest Ferris wheel in the world.


The Singapore flyer is located down at Marina bay. I don’t remember exactly how much it was to get on, but it wasn’t too expensive. They have packages where you can ride for a romantic dinner or business meeting, but we didn’t do that.

At first, you walk through a part which shows how they built the Ferris wheel and then how it stands up against  other Ferris wheels.

Then you get in line to get on. There’s a platform which you just walk on. The wheel never stops, it just moves very slowly. The pods you ride in can hold 30+ plus and it isn’t a bench sitting. You can walk around the pod the whole time and see it from all angles.


I do wish I had the chance to ride during the day. We were told during the day, you can see into Indonesia. However, we rode at night. But Still got some great views of the city! It was so good, If I had the chance, I would of rode twice.


The entire ride was about thirty minutes long.


Here’s the view at the top. You can see all of Marina Bay and a good view of the city.


Beautiful ❤ The whole thing was just incredible.

Thanks again to K.B for allowing me to use her photo’s. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a friend like you 🙂

Thanks for viewing, this wraps up Singapore. Stay posted for the next adventures!


3 thoughts on “Flying above Singapore.

  1. Really glad you liked our Flyer. Tbh, I haven’t heard anyone think much of our Ferris Wheel except that it’s really boring and expensive and whatever. In fact, did you know the company running the Flyer has filed for bankruptcy because business is so bad? Last I heard the state is taking care of it because of course it’s a tourist attraction and national monument etc etc. Your glowing review must give them some hope. Thank you!

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