Road To Hana, Maui

Hello Friends!

A while ago, I did a post about Maui. Inside this post, I talked a bit about the Road to Hana, a popular drive around the East and South side of the Island. Looking back, I felt like I didn’t do the drive justice. So today, doing an entire blog post about it!

If you go to Maui and drive down Hana Highway, here’s a few things to know first.

One, don’t do this road if you aren’t an experienced driver. There’s lots of curves, turns and twists along the road. It follows the Maui coast. At several points, there are one way bridges and the road gets very narrow. This is not a drive for beginners.

Two, fill up with gas before you start. There’s one gas station in Hana and it was a bit more expensive then others. Also bring food, it’s a bit of a drive.

Three, I’d recommend going with other people. There’s so many great views, you’d be pretty upset if you can’t really get a good view of the waterfalls because you’re paying attention to the road.

Four, do not get out of your car on the cliff side. There’s several points where people did this and guess what? They fell off. There are parts where it doesn’t look like a cliff, it looks like it leads to trails, it’s right alongside the cliff. Just be safe and stay in your car.

Now, that’s all said. The drive is incredible ❤ It takes about two and a half hours to get to Hana (and you can keep going along the south side of the island) There are so many incredible views.








Along the road, there are two famous stops. The first is the black sand beaches.

Yes, black volcanic sand.

There’s an inactive volcano on Maui and the result is rich, beautiful black sand.





Don’t try to take some of the black sand with you. Everyone and I mean everyone wants to do this. If everyone who comes to see the beach does this, in a few years, there won’t be any beach left to enjoy.



The next stop is the scared pools of Maui. This is a very famous stop and there are lots of people who come to dip into the pools. Don’t expect to be the only one unless you come very early in the day.

The scared pools come down the back of the volcano and lead into the sea. I only saw the lower four, the upper three you have to hike up to see and we didn’t have time for that.



The scared pools were probably my favorite thing about the road to Hana.

Hana itself is a bit anti-climatic. It’s just a tiny town with a gas station, store and a post office. We just drove through Hana.




As you can probably tell, the Road To Hana is incredible. The sights are amazing and well worth the trip. I highly recommend going.

I went with a tour and I think it was worth it. We got picked up, breakfast, lunch and dropped back off at our hotel. The added bonus was we got to focus on taking pictures, not having to drive.

But to each his own.

See you next time for some more Hawaii islands =)


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