Hawaii’s island volcano adventures

If you can’t tell, I really like visiting tropical places. Next on the list is the Big Island of Hawaii!

The Big Island is actually called Hawaii, but to keep it straight from the state of Hawaii, people call it Big Island. True to name, it’s the biggest island in the Hawaii island chain.

I really could not get enough of this beautiful place. After being on Oahu with the crowds and busy night life, it was so wonderful to go somewhere quiet and peaceful. There would be times we would drive for hours through secluded fields.

Of course, the best part about being on this Island, was seeing the Volcanoesentry to park.jpg

Seriously, if you come here and don’t see the Volcanoes, you are missing out.

There are five Volcanoes on this island.

Kohala, extinct

Mauna Kea, dormant

Hualalai, active

Mauna Loa, active

Kilauea, active: This one has been erupting continuously since 1983 and is part of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

There’s a 15$ fee to enter the park, but it’s really worth going. They use the money so they can keep the park open and continue to study an active volcano.

another sign.jpg

I sadly didn’t see any Lava. They say if you go at night, you can see the glow of the lava, however I didn’t have time for this.

Here’s the landscape as we got closer to the volcano.

landscape.jpgmore island.jpg

Around the park, there was several steam vents where steam was rising. I tried to get several pictures, but in some places, it’s only a little bit of steam. Here’s a fair amount.

steam vents.jpg

Finally, we have the Volcano.

It's real.jpg

more volcano.jpg


The volcano is inside a larger crater.


Here’s a close up shot.


Finally, I have a shot of it from far away. See the steam in the picture down below? That’s it!other side.jpg

If you look close, there’s a path heading in that direction. However, this hike would take several hours and we were on a pretty tight schedule. Maybe next time.

Finally, in the park, we went through a lava tube. The lava tubes are paths where active lava runs through. This is an older one which people can walk through.

It was incredible.


This is the entry. It took about ten minutes to hike to the tube, five to walk through and then ten minutes to hike back. The hike was not difficult.

lava tube.jpg

It was rather difficult to get pictures without people in them. We had a lot of company.

So that’s it for the volcanoes, but not the end of the adventures on Hawaii’s largest island =)


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