Kauai, Hawaii

Another Hawaiian island!


Kauai is the oldest and most northern of the Hawaiian islands. It’s nickname is the garden island.


beach time.jpg

Personally, Kauai is my favorite (So far. I havn’t been to Molokai or Lanai yet) out of the four I’ve been to. The reason is to really just fits me. I love Oahu, but it’s very crowded. Maui is very beautiful, but extremely expensive. Big Island is great, but seems pretty barren in parts.

palm tree's.jpg

For me, Kauai is the best of all worlds. It isn’t crowded, but it didn’t feel like I was the only person on the island. Sure, it’s not cheap (this is Hawaii, after all) but it wasn’t as expensive as Maui.


Plus, Kauai didn’t get it’s nickname as the Garden Isle for nothing. It’s extremely beautiful here ❤


If you can only go to one island, I’d have to recommend this one.

warm and wet.jpg

with a tree.jpg

I know this post has more pictures then words, sorry! But my time in Kauai was just extremely relaxing. Sleeping in every morning, walking by the beach and going around to explore the island. There’s a lot to see, everywhere just just incredible.

flip flops.jpg

Random flip-flips in the sand with a tiny coral heart picture is random ❤

Light house.jpg

Above is Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge with a lighthouse in the middle. It rests on the northwest coast. You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s a huge ledge off to the right with several nests.

shore line.jpg


If you do come, do try the shave ice. Not shaved, just shave. It’s different from a snow cone, in that it isn’t crushed ice. They shave tiny tiny pieces off. Plus here, you can get it in fresh tropical flavors.


Anyway, that’s about it for this post. Sadly, this is my last Hawaii post (for now. Who knows what the next few years will bring =) Like always, thanks so much for checking out my blog.


black and white.jpg

I super appreciate it! Have a great day



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