Manila, The Philippines


Here we go again!

Manila is the capital city of the Philippines and is the second most populated city in the Philippines.

This is one of the few places I’ve actually been twice. I came a few years ago in June and then recently last September. Personally, I liked being there in September better. In June, it was extremely hot. Some of the heat was still there in September, but it wasn’t nearly as brutal.

It’s very tropical and jungly here.

jungle garden.jpg

Being in the Philippines was pretty incredible and eye opening. The city is pretty packed and a lot of different people live here. It’s interesting to see how they spend their lives.


There’s a lot to do here. First, always come and go in groups. There are areas of the city which are not safe at night, but sadly, that’s almost every city you go to now-a-days.

The traffic in the city is crazy. Not the worst I’ve ever seen (that honor goes to India), but still pretty wild.


There was times I would just close my eyes and not watch what was going on around us. I would not recommend driving if you are a tourist here. Please get a taxi, they are not expensive.


it's crazy.jpg

The Architecture here was incredible! There was also little horse and buggy carriages everywhere. At first, we all thought it was really cool, then we saw how many there are.

old buildings.jpg

The two big things we did was visit Fort Santiago, which will have it’s own post later and then Mall of Asia.

The Mall of Asia is, as you can probably guess, a massive shopping mall. They tried to make it the largest mall in the world (Dubai laughed) and then the largest in the Philippines. Right now, it’s the 4th, but they’re working on an expansion which will bring it back to the largest in the Philippines.

As is Dubai, we spend hours wandering around the mall and still didn’t see everything. I also tried ice skating there for the first time. Woot!

If you can’t guess, I like going to mall’s oversea’s. They’re relatively safe, have a lot to look at and places to go, and have food courts with different kinds of foods for everyone tastes. I find it a win-win-win.

Last, the food here is really different. Like in most Asian countries, they eat a lot of rice. However, the Philippine cuisine is just so different. It’s hard to explain. If you go, give it a try and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Just don’t ask any questions and eat.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Stay posted for what’s coming up next…. =)


Thank you to K.B for letting me use her pictures.



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