Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Hey guys!

Well, The Philippines was the last of the international travel for now. So we are heading back to the US. I have not one, but two really big trips coming up, to lots of new beautiful places. So get ready.

We’re starting in the beaver state and along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

The Gorge is a canyon of the Columbia river which stretches along the Pacific Northwest. It forms the north boundary between Washington and Oregon.

oregon history.jpg



One of the most popular sights along the Gorge is Multnomah Falls, a beautiful waterfall about 26 miles East of Portland. You park and head into the visitor’s center. It’s then about a two minute walk up to the falls. If wanted, you can hike up to the bridge. It was kinda cold, so I didn’t feel like doing that.

According to Native American lore, Multnomah Falls was created to win the heart of a young princess who wanted a hidden place to bathe.




As you can see, in Oregon, it’s very green. The forests are very dense, evergreen. It’s a bit cold, but not too bad. If your from warm climates (Like Florida or Hawaii) You’ll find it very chilly. If you come from somewhere cold (Like Alaska or something) then you’ll probably find it very nice.

If you’ve heard rumors about the rain, let me say these are very true! It rains a lot! Even during the summer!  It’s not too bad during the summer, but if it is during the rainy season, keep a jacket on hand and good shoes.

If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, come see this beautiful places. It’s incredible.

Catch you guys next time.




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