Road trip!

Yes, you read that correctly!

So, after a few wonderful weeks of fun with my family in Portland, OR, I was due down in San Diego, CA for work for a few weeks. (I love it when my work sends me places.)

They were just about to bust out a plane ticket for me, when I realized something. Prime travel opportunity! I’ve been to L.A twice before, but I’ve always wanted to see San Francisco and Northern Cali. (Okay, I went to SF when I was two, but it doesn’t count because I have no memory of the trip.)

Even better, my dad, who loves to travel himself (He’s been to U.K, Philippines, Japan and every state except for Florida and the New England States) drives up and down the West Coast as a job.

He’d be a great person to go on a road trip with. Besides the fact we get along very well, having a relief driver is amazing and he knows where to go! If I had gone alone, I would of just been driving south and been like I have no idea where I am, but this is all amazing.

So after a few days of begging, I got permission to take five days to drive 1081 miles (1739 K)


And then we did it!

I5 interstate runs from the Canadian border to the Mexican border. We drove half way on this and the other half on route 101 down the California Coast.

So, it took us five days to actually drive it, but there’s going to be more then five posts. Seriously, sometimes the stuff we drove by, or  the towns we stopped in for a few hours were seriously worth a post all on their own. So here, I’m going to outline the entire trip and how far we went.

Day one, Wednesday. Started around 9:30 am and stopped for the night in Cresent City, CA around 5 PM. Went through Grant’s pass and turned there onto route 101. Distance drove for the day 327 Miles (526.2 Km)

Day two, Thursday,  left Cresent city about 9 am. Drove down the avenue of the giants and redwoods, Eureka, and arrived in San Francisco about 6pm. Distance drove for the day, 355 miles (571.3 Km)

Day three, Friday, Stayed in San Francisco. Drove several laps around the city. According to my car, drove almost 90 miles (144 Km).

Day four, Saturday left San Francisco about 10 am and drove through wine country, made a few other short stops and arrived in Santa Barbara about 6 pm. Distance drove for the day, 337 miles (542 km)

Day five, Sunday, left Santa Barbara about 12:30 pm and arrived in San Diego about four pm. After checking in with my work and figuring out where I needed to go the next day, dropped my dad off at the SD airport and went to crash real hard. Distance driven for the day, 215 miles (344 km)

So this is the really really really short version. I just plan on making a lot of posts and wanted to outline what all happened first. I took well over 100 pictures on the trip and will be posting them soon.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!



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