Grant’s Pass, Oregon.

Onward on this road trip!

So Grant’s Pass is a little town we passed through.

blue skies.jpg


This cute little town very close to the Oregon-California border. It was here we got off interstate five and got onto highway 101, which snakes alongside the California coast.

AKA, it’s the gateway into the redwoods. If you have never been to northern Cali before, this is where you want to turn to get onto this highway. It’s much better then driving through the middle of the state.

We didn’t stay very long, just enough to get some gas and food. Grant’s Pass is a charming little town. Not very big, it’s just one quick last stop before you keep going.

soo pretty.jpg


the hills.jpg

It’s also the home or the original Dutch bro’s coffee! Few people off the west coast know about them, but it’s slowing spreading. They are currently in six states and continuing to head east. If you happen to be in this neck of the woods, give it a try!

dutch bro's.jpg

One word of advice, if you’re going through, gas is MUCH more expensive in California then it is in Oregon. (Oregon-around two dollars. California, close to three dollars a gallon. GET GAS HERE! I can not say it enough!)

After we left town, we turned right onto highway 101 and followed it for about forty-five minutes. The area quickly turned into heavy forest with little landmarks. Until we reached a very important sign…


Welcome to Cali.jpg

Stay posted for next time, adventures in the golden state =)


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