Crescent City, California


After we crossed into California, we continued through the forest areas until we reached a small town. This is pretty common up in northern Cali, heavy forest, then into city and then back into forest.


And not too far down the road, is Crescent City.

Crescent City is a small town twenty miles (31 KM) south of the Oregon-California border and where we stopped for the night.

For the record? I really liked this place. It’s right by the ocean and the fresh salt air smells incredible.  The population is a little over 7,000 people and it just has a great, small town set by the ocean vibe.

by the sea.jpg


Down here, you can see the harbor.

the bay.jpg


I honestly really want to write a book with this city as the setting.

During this trip, we stayed in Motel 8’s, which I very much recommend. Yes, they are cheap (only 50 dollars plus tax in Crescent City), but it’s not a bad place to stay. Free wifi, free parking, free Continental breakfast every morning. It’s not top notch, but everyone I have stayed in are clean, the bed is comfortable and I was pretty happy. Highly recommend!

The most famous attraction here is the lighthouse.


We didn’t go see it  (we were pretty wiped out from driving) But you can hear it. Every ten seconds, it goes off. Probably to warn ships coming into the harbor.

This continued all night.  I managed to sleep through it (I’m pretty hardcore about sleeping) But I would guess some people might have a bit of a problem.

Anyway, we stayed over night, got up the next morning, had breakfast and hit the road. Just forty-five minutes down the road are some pretty great attractions and we didn’t want to miss them.

Thanks for checking out my blog! Have a great day =)




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