Encountering giants.

Northern California is home to some incredible sights, and some of the best tower over your head. They are, the legendary redwood tree’s.

Before this, we saw small patches of redwood tree’s along route 101, but now we were heading for the big stretches.

tree's of mystery.jpg

lovely tree's.jpg

Hundred’s of years ago, the northern coast of California used to be covered in these massive and majestic trees, but now only small sections still stand. Some of the oldest of the tree’s are nearing a thousand years.

next statepark.jpg

Here’s a map of the state park which is dedicated to saving these tree’s.


Through the park is known as the Avenue of the Giants. I’s about 36 straight miles (57.9 kilometers) of these beautiful trees. I’m a very tall person (over two meters tall) but I felt like a shrimp.

One of the most famous tree’s is the founder’s tree. You have to get off the road and park. It’s then a very short and easy walk to see this massive beauty.



(In Meters, the tree is 105.4 meters tall. 3.87 meters in diameter, 12.1 meters in circumference and the height to the lowest branch is 59.1 M)

Here’s a view standing at the bottom.

huge tree.jpg

Yeah, it’s huge. And as you can see, it’s neighbors are pretty big as well!

Beside the founder’s tree is the Dyerville Giant, which fell in 1991. Lying on it’s size, it’s as tall as I am.

very huge.jpg

Here’s finally, another massively old tree. This one’s a big in the back. Several people could easily fit inside that hole.

another big one.jpg

We didn’t go see them (because you have to pay) but many years ago, they hallowed out some of the bigger ones and you can actually drive your car through it.

Yeah, I know. Wow.

We however, decided we’d gotten our fill and got back on the freeway.

From here, it was about four hours to the next city. We started to see the first bits of wine country. We’d see more of this later down the road, but here is where it began.


This drive was really nice. It’s still northern Cali, so it’s just beautiful.


After a while, signs started to say, we were almost to the bay area.

more signs.jpgfirst sign is here.jpg

Up next, adventures in San Francisco. See you then!


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