The second day in San Francisco.

After a great night’s sleep and a wonderful free breakfast from the hotel, we decided to get moving.

This day, we had nothing planned but fun exploring San Francisco.

Honestly, this is something I’d really recommend. It doesn’t sound like it, but it’s actually really tiring to get up and drive everyday for hours, day after day. If you can take a day off in the middle of a road trip, do it!

Especially if you’re in a beautiful city like San Francisco.

The first thing we did was go west toward the cliffhouse. It sits on the west coast of the city and overlooks the Pacific ocean. The views are just beautiful.

by the sea.jpg


very lovelly.jpgwater.jpg

Not pictures because the shot came out blurred, but right after the Cliffhouse is the only beach in San Francisco.

One of the most famous attractions for the city is the streetcars. You get picked up down by Fisherman’s Wharf and they take you all over the city. We didn’t ride them because the lines are so dang long, but very much recommended.

The hills in SF are really no joke. And parking is very hard to find in the city, if you do happen to score parking, then you probably have to pay for it. So ride the streetcars. They’ll take you almost all over the city, a lot better then walking.

Here’s a conductor relaxing, probably on his break.


After we left the beach area, we took a swing through Golden Gate Park.

If you’re ever in San Fran, please please please stop by this park. It’s bigger then Central Park in New York City and is just packed with things to do. It was pouring rain when we drove though (boooo), but we did get a pretty good scope of the area.

One of my favorite things about the park?

The Bison herd.


A lot of people think it’s a myth, but no, it is not! There’s a herd of bison which live inside the park. Don’t worry, they live inside a gated area. You won’t see any wild bison wandering around the park.

(If you do, call a park ranger, they aren’t supposed to be wandering)

From what I heard, a large number of other animal’s used to live in the park. Now it’s just a herd of bison. They are cared for by caretakers from the SF Zoo. As you can see, they have plenty of room and see pretty content.

After we got out fill of the park, we decided to go see China Town!

Here’s a shot of the famous Dragon gate

china town.jpg

It was honestly difficult to get inside. SF has a lot of one way streets and only one entrance to get inside CT. It took several minutes for us to get in.

China town district is the oldest CT in North America and  has the largest Chinese community outside of Asia.

It’s also a HUGE tourist attraction. I would honestly suggest you walk or take a cab or something. We drove in, huge mistake. It took almost a half hour before we found parking.

inside CT.jpg

This is the only picture I managed to take because as soon as we parked, it started to rain. And I don’t mean light rain, it started to downpour. I was doing my best to save my camera.

I really wish I could of gotten more pictures. China Town is amazing! There’s so many different stores and places to explore. We spent the time checking out incredible shops with all kinds of cool stuff. Near the end, we found a lovely Chinese bakery and sampled a large part of the menu. Prices were good and the food was perfect.

Finally, before we went to dinner, we went to the famous street corner of Haight (pronounced hate) and Ashbury.

famous corner.jpg

This neighborhood is known for being the origin of the hippie counterculture. It was here that sex, love and rock and roll took form.

The last thing we did was go out to dinner at In-And-Out Burger, (which, if you are in California, you must try.) Finally, by this time the two of us were pretty wiped out. After dinner, we went to hit the hay.

Not pictured, we also drove down  Lombard street, AKA, the more crooked street in the world. The people on that street got tired of people speeding, so they redid the street so it had 8 hairpin curves.

I didn’t take any pictures because it seemed kinda rude. Yes, so the street makes a “z” pattern, but these was several crowds of people all over the street and taking pictures. It seemed a bit rude to snap pictures.

So that was my trip to San Francisco! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned. There’s a lot more traveling coming =)





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