A Day in the city of Angels

So this road trip is almost over. I have like, two more posts about it. And then, after a small break, I’ll be onto my next big adventure.

I know, I know. International travel is way more fun. I get it. But sometimes my job doesn’t send me to all the fun exciting places all the time. Sometimes I just get to go to California.
ah here.jpg
After we woke up in Santa Barbara and had breakfast, we were back on the road again. It was a nice, but short drive hat got more crowded the further south we went.
Now, toward one of the biggest cities in the USA.
heading on!.jpg
Los Angeles is probably one of the most famous cities in the world. It’s the second biggest cities in the U.S, after New York City. It’s also the most populated city in California.

It’s really interesting because a lot of people have pretty interesting ideas about what L.S is like. They usually think it’s rich, beautiful city. Also due to Hollywood, they think it’s overflowing with movie stars and famous people everywhere.

And I won’t like, it is like that. Somewhat. That does happen!

But there’s also a lot of this.


And this.

very dry.jpg
Smog, traffic and your average normal everyday stuff.

Also, the traffic. If you are ever in LA, or the surrounding area, please be careful. These people are fearless on the roads and drive like crazy. The speed limit says 65, everyone is doing 80. I’d heard before it’s possible to do 90 in a heavy packs of cars on the freeway here. I never believed it until I saw it with my own eyes.

People are extremely aggressive drivers.

While we had to keep going, I had to get to San Diego, we made two quick stops in the city of Angels.

First, Universal Studios.
this too.jpg
Yup, not Disney. I went to Disney when I was in high school, but never went to Universal. We were only there a few hours, but The Wizarding World of harry Potter opened and I was dying to see it.

Also, the tours. They are amazing. This part I didn’t take pictures of, mostly because I was too busy enjoying it. But I promise, so much fun and so worth it.

The other thing we saw was the Hollywood walk of fame.

I had no idea it was so long. The entire thing goes for more than 12 blocks. We walked it for over a half hour and still didn’t see the entire thing. I didn’t get a picture of this either because of how many people there were. They were everywhere! Hundreds of them and I don’t like to photograph strangers.

Over all? It was short, but a blast.

big church.jpg
From here, we got back on the freeway and finished out trip down to Sam Diego. The traffic wasn’t too bad, so it took about two hours to get there. Then I dropped my dad off at the airport and got checked in.

What a time to be alive.

if you ever have the chance to drive from one way to another on a road trip, do it. Please do it. It’s exhausting and expensive,but so worth it. Every minute is great.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned! More adventures coming.

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