San Diego, California.

One of the last cities in California before we move on. Lets get to it.


San Diego is about 120 miles south of Las Angeles. It’s a massive city with a population of over one million people and is the 8th largest city in the United States. It is adjacent to the US-Mexican border.

This city is just such a fun one because there is SO MUCH Mexican influence and heritage. This is just a great place to be.


the bay.jpg

I could probably start naming things to do and it would take hours for me to run out. Anything you enjoy, bam, it’s here. Beaches? Yes. Hiking? Yes. Food and Wine tasting? Go for it.

San Diego Zoo.

Sight seeing.

Go up to LA and Hollywood for a day, it’s only about two hours away.

Las Vegas is only a short five hours away.

The Down town area is FULL of stuff to do. The nightlife here is insane. Whatever you want to do, SD has something for everyone!

Now, the downside of this huge city is it’s pretty packed. Like I said earlier, this is the 8th biggest city in the US. So like LA, traffic is pretty bad. Even with all the freeways, it gets landlocked in the morning and afternoon. Be sure you plan accordingly.



Still, this is an amazing city. I had some work stuff I had to take care of for a few weeks and I spent it couch surfing with a few friends. And I loved it! On the weekends, we would just go out and drive until we found someplace cool to eat. Then we’d just get lost and stop whenever anything looks exciting. This place is just wonderful. And beautiful.

I can not get enough of the Spanish tiles. ❤ Incredible.


Yes, California is in a drought right now and that does make it a bit harder. This part of the country is a desert. It’s dry and hot. If you go during the summer, it’s really hot! But if you get the chance to go enjoy Southern California. Do it.

I’d honestly say, this is one of my favorite cities now. I’m dying to go back.

So that wraps it up for my first road trip. But thankfully, another is always around the corner…

I really hope you enjoyed this tour of California. I had been before twice, but this was the first time I really really got to see the area. Sometimes it’s hard to believe northern and southern California are the same state! It’s just so different.

Stay tuned and thanks for reading.



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