Favorite travel story

The more you travel, the more fun stories you come across. This is mine.

This happened in Kauai (The northern most island in Hawaii).

Tso nice.jpgo set the stage, I had had a few drinks. I wasn’t drunk, but defiantly buzzed.

It’s not a crazy story, but my best friend and I still laugh about this.

So we were at the outdoor bar, which was next to a hot tub. Both of us got drinks and joined several of the other adults in the hot tub. This was probably about 9:30 pm and about eight of us.

Won’t lie, there’s nothing better then sitting in a hot tub at night having a tropical drink in Hawaii.

hot tub.jpg

Anyway, at ten pn, the guard came and said everyone had to get out. The pool area was closing.

Now, you can’t see it in the picture, but the hot tub had lights which flashed, along with beach huts out of the pictures

Bestie and I wern’t ready to go back to bed, so we sat in the beach huts and shivered under out towels for a while.

Around 11 pm, we saw two figures slip back inside the pool area and get back into the hot tub.

It took a minute, but we realized they we’re two people from earlier. They saw us sitting there and said come on in!

Of course we did.

The funny part? The lights were still on and we couldn’t figure out how to turn them off. Plus, there was guards walking around the hotel grounds. So there we were, still pretty buzzed and trying not to tip the guards off.

It was freaking hilarious.

For the first hour, the four of us were really trying not to get caught. At every rustle, we’d all hide under the water and hope it would go away. We took turns sitting over the light.

However, the longer we went without getting caught, the braver we got. Around 1 am, we were laughing and just having an amazing time

Not long after, a guard came over and told us we had to get out.

Looking back at it, we were pretty lucky that we didn’t get thrown out of our hotel. And I would not recommend doing it.  But man, that was a great memory. I just mention remember that time in the hot tub to my best friend and she cracks up.

Good times, good times. To this day, still one of my favorite travel stories.

(This pic is not from Kauai, but so beautiful, I want to stick it here at the end)







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