Across country road trip


I am a sucker for driving, adventures and seeing places I might never get a chance to see again.

So when I had to go from California to The Florida keys for work, they offered me a chance to fly. I said no thanks. I’m driving.

(The second reason why was because I had my car and din’t want to ship it and then have to wait an entire month in Florida to get it back. Not having a car is the worst.)

If you ever get a chance to do a trip like this, I’m going to say. GO FOR IT. Please. These kinds of trips are the best! I’ve now been to states and cities and places I had never been before. It’s amazing!

The second thing I’m going to say is it’s bit expensive (My work paid my back for all the miles and gas and such.) It’s also tiring. It doesn’t feel like just driving for six to eight hours a day would be, but OMG, it’s exhausting. The last few days were the most difficult.

But it was so worth it.

The best part about this road trip, was I literally drove (and swam in each) coast to coast.

In  short, here’s The Pacific Ocean off Point Loma in California. It’s cool, not quite warm, but not cold either. A short, but refreshing swim.

pacific ocean.jpg

And here is the Atlantic Ocean, off the Florida Keys. Here, the water is bath water warm. Which is nice, but you also worry every second that someone might come up and kill you.


I know there’s not much water in the second picture (The palm tree’s were so beautiful D: I have to include them.) But contrast the color between the two.

So beautiful~

Anyway, adventures from this trip soon to come. The deserts of California, Arizona and New Mexico. The hills and planes of Texas, the swamps of Louisiana and the never ending road work of Florida.




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