So, you wanna go on a road trip…

Ah, road trips. These are practically the essential adventure. They aren’t as expensive as planes, but a lot slower.

If you are going to go on one, long or short, here is some lessons I learned from mine.

  1. Do you research and come prepared. Don’t just decide tomorrow you’re going on a road trip and hop in the car. I know it sounds fun, but still. We drove across a huge section of desert and we came prepared. I packed so much water, and thankfully, we never had a problem.
  2. If possible, bring a second (Or third relief driver) it’s no fun to drive past beautiful things you want to take pictures of. The more you can bring, the more you guys change out
  3. Entertainment! We thought we’d talk and talk the miles away. And while this was semi true, my friend and I did not talk the entire time. During these times, we’d listen to music, read (when not driving) and nap. Have stuff to do.
  4. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Boy, was this one true. We kept our tank above 1/2 and it worked out wonderfully for us. We also checked everything (tire pressure, oil) before the ride and kept monitoring them.
  5. Life is about the journey, not the destination. On this trip, we had the chance to see the Grand Canyon. And because of break troubles that detoured us four hours, we didn’t get to see them! Now, long after the trip is over, I’m still wishing we had taken those two extra hours to go visit. I have no idea when I’ll get the chance to go back.
  6. Remember to always get out and stretch. Especially if you’ve driving alone. Very important.
  7. Eat healthy. Don’t be like me who ate almost all fast food and gained some weight.
  8. Remember to take it easy on the last few days if you’re doing a long one. Driving day after day after day gets exhausting. You don’t want to make a terrible mistake because you’re tired. It can cost you your life.

So that’s about it!

I’ll be posting the first leg of my journey soon. Has anyone else ever gone on a road trip and have anything to share?



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