Onward to Flagstaff, AZ

Hello all!

After waking up in the very hot Phoenix, AZ, we had breakfast, got in the car and headed up into the mountains.

It’s seriously a bit confusing and a shock to your system when in a few hours, you go from a city in the valley where it’s close to 90 F (32.2 C) down to 60 degree’s F (18.3 F). Especially after several days in harsh heat.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, the drive there.



The amazing thing about the Arizona desert is it’s the only place in the world where The Saguaro cactus grows naturally. When people think of a cactus, they think of the Saguaro. It’s a monster that can live for several centuries. It takes close to sixty years for just one arm to grow. They can grow up to 30 feet ( 10 meters) tall


I wish I had a better picture, but sadly, stopping in the middle of the freeway is not recommended and not very safe.

It’s pretty flat and just extremely hot. I don’t think I’d ever be able to live somewhere hot that isn’t a tropical place. It would be just too much for me.


Anyway, the further away from got from Phoenix, the cooler it got and the higher in elevation it was.


After a while, we started to climb and the desert slowly disappeared and turned into forest.

fort verde.jpg

Here, we are just about to get into Fort Verde. And yes, you can see the bug smear on the left side of the pictures. I cleaned my windshield everyday, but the bugs still flew right into it and died.


Finally, close to three hours, after we left, we came to Flagstaff!


Flagstaff is a fun little town up in the mountains of Arizona. If you go west, you come to L.A, if you go south, you’ll be in Phoenix and if you go East, you’ll be in Albuquerque. It’s best known got being about forty-five minutes away from the Grand Canyon and for being along route 66.

The famous road which runs from Chicago all the way to L.A.


We had plans to go to the Grand Canyon for an hour or two, but my car decided to have some brake problems and we had to stay in Flagstaff for several hours to get them fixed.

This is probably my biggest regret of the trip. I really wanted to see that Canyon. But this will have to go back on the bucket list for the next incredible across America drive I do. If you ever get the chance to go, please go to The Grand Canyon for me. I’d appreciate it.

See you all next time! =)







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