Toward New Mexico

Okay, I will tell you a secret.

We only stayed in Flagstaff for about six hours. Yup, only that long.

The reason is, we wanted to make it from Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM in one day. We had plans to stop in Flagstaff for a bit, have lunch, go to the grand canyon for a bit and then head out East toward New Mexico.

However, due to my car having unfortunate brake problems (Why car… why) We did not make it to the Grand canyon (Saddest day of my life) and barely made it into Gallup, New Mexico by about 10 pm.


Most Patriotic small town in America! At least, that’s what they said.

At this time, my friend and I were both extremely tired. We found a cheap motel and crashed hard.

You might be asking why we didn’t just take more time off. The reason why is this. I was traveling for work and had to be in Florida by a set date. If the two of us were traveling for fun, I would of been like screw it. Lets go.

But everyday, we had to cross a certain distance so we’d make it in time. So sadly, an adventure to the Grand Canyon will have to wait until next time.

Anyway, on with the road trip. After leaving Flagstaff, we drove for a little over two hours to finish off that day.

on the way.jpg

The fun part about this, was we were entering Navajo territory. A lot of people know this Native American tribe best for being Navajo code talkers during WWII as they made up an unbreakable code from their language.


There were a lot of places we could of stopped, but due to my car, we weren’t able to. A complete shame.


Also, as we got closer to New Mexico, it got darker. These pictures had to be taken the next day. (Yeah, I went back a few miles just to get pictures. I am that person!)



This is also where we started getting into the beautiful New Mexico desert. At this point, we got away from the flats in the Arizona desert and really into massive rock formations. Just lovely. Later on, I’ll have more pics with wonderful color on the rock formations.



So that’s it for this post. A bit short, but more chips on this grand adventure I had. Thank you very much for reading. Up next, finally finishing up in the extreme desert heat.

See you next time!



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