The New Mexico Desert and into Texas

This was one of the longest days of driving in the entire trip. Not quite the longest day (That’s coming later) But one of them.

So, our plan was, earlier, to go from Phoenix, AZ to Albuquerque, NM, and then there to Lubbock, Texas. (We went to Lubbock because I know someone there and anytime you can stay with friends is extremely important and money saving.)

However, due to my breaks acting up in Flagstaff, that took about about five hours to make up and we didn’t make it to Albuquerque, we only made it to Gallup. So that meant, on top of the long drive we had to do that day, we also had to make up about 140 miles (225 K) to makeup.

It was a long drive.

We left Gallup at about 9am ish and we drove until 7 pm that night, only making short steps when needed.

Annnnnd, as I mentioned in the last post, we went back to get pictures of entering New Mexico (since it was pitch black the night before). So, essentially, we crossed the entire state of New Mexico in one day.

But even though we were quite tired the next day, it was a lot of fun. And boy, did we see the desert.



painted desert.jpg

It’s really pretty, but these pictures don’t even begin to capture how hot it was. I made the trip during the spring and it was really warm. I do not recommend doing it during the heat of the summer. You might die.

As we got closer to Texas, the landscape started to change. We left the desert behind and it started getting a lot flatter. We were making our way onto the Great Plains.



And then, we were in Texas.

welcome to texas.jpg

What cracks me up, is on this road, the last town in New Mexico, is called Farewell, New Mexico and then, you get to Muleshoe, Texas.

Yes, it’s really called Muleshoe.


From here, it was about another hour and a half until we got to Lubbock. By that time, my friend and I were exhausted. We met up with the person who lived in Lubbock, had a nice dinner and then went off to bed.

I believe both of us slept like the world was ending.

Well, that’s it for this post. Up next, much much much more Texas… They arn’y lying when they say everything is bigger in Texas.

Have a good one and thanks for reading~ =)


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