Everything is bigger in Texas

They are not kidding.

I had been to Texas before, but only to visit my friend in Lubbock. I flew into Lubbock, stayed a few days and then flew out. I had never actually been in any other city.

This all changed.

We spent two days in Lubbock, visiting and then just catching up on sleep. It doesn’t feel like it, but driving everyday is really exhausting, especially when you have a deadline you have to meet. I honestly, did not know that before this trip.

Anyway, this day was the longest day.

We left Lubbock in the morning, probably about around tenish. It was a nice, warm, Texas morning and we enjoyed it.

After we got out of the city, it got very flat. There wasn’t much, except cotton and such.flat and hot.jpg

It was like this for miles.

Anyway, we kept at it and soon, the landscape started to change again. We were getting into the hill country of Texas.


And remember how I said I wasn’t kidding when I said everything is bigger in Texas? It’s true, because Texan’s are very proud of their state.

Texas flags were everywhere.

flag more.jpg

This was just a huge, massive, flag we saw and snapped a picture of. It was by no means the only one.

And then, we also saw this on a hill as we drove through.


I honestly have no idea who’s idea that was and why it’s there, but it is.

Just a massive outline of the state of Texas, along with the flag of it on the inside. Texans are proud creatures.


Anyway, we were planning to only go to the Dallas Fort-Worth Area and spend the night there, but we made really good time and decided to keep going. (And in case you’re wondering, the traffic as we approached this massive area was terrible. Not worst we saw, but really bad.)


It took a few hours for us to get out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but once we did, the landscaped started to change, yet again.

We were heading for the red soil, marsh and swamp lands of Louisiana.


welcome to lousianna.jpg

Fun fact, Louisiana  is named after King Louis XIV of France and his wife, Anna. Because of this, a lot of people in the state speak French.

It’s also the only state in The United States, to have Parishes and not counties not all the other states. They like to be different.

It also cracks me up, that when entering Louisiana, there’s a simple sign to let you know that you crossed the border. But on the other side,


All those flags and a massive sigh. Texas wants you to know who’s boss.

But anyway,


Once we were actually in Shreveport, we picked a hotel and got settled in got the evening. It was hot and wet. Back in the desert, it was just hot, but here, it was muggy and sometimes felt like a wet blanket.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Up next, more Marshes and then one of the most famous cities in The United States.

Take care!



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