The swamps of Louisiana.

Back at it again.

After a brief night of rest of Shreveport, we packed it up and started heading south toward New Orleans.

Because honestly, if you are in Louisiana, you have to go to New Orleans. It’s without a doubt, one of the most famous cities in the United States. Known for it’s great southern culture, haunted buildings and wild parties in February.

But first, the trip to get down there.

The most interesting thing about it, is a lot of people in this state still speak french. We’d see signs with words or street signs that I haven’t the foggiest idea how to pronounce.

For example,


Don’t ask me to say it. Here’s another one.


Nope nope nope. My tongue is not talented enough.

The terrain and weather was different. I’m not from the south, so I found it a bit odd. The ground is a red dirt and it’s just very humid. There’s lakes and deltas and marshes and swamps. It’s a very different places if you are not used to the climate.




And after multiple days in the hot desert, it was a bit shocking. The air is very humid and sometimes feels like a hot blanket wrapped around you.

almost there.jpg

It took us about five to six hours to drive from Shreveport through Baton Rouge and then finally, into the great city of New Orleans.



I personally wanted to stay for several days, but I sadly didn’t have the time. We only had one night here. So we checked into the hotel, dropped off our bags and went out to see the town.

For next time, squeezing in as much as we could do in only a single night. Was sleep lost? Maybe Worth it though? Oh yes.

Thanks for reading!




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